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Spaying non-breeders cats and dogs

During the last 30 years, cat’s population has increased dramatically, unfortunately policies that address responsible cat guardianship and the control of stray cats haven’t developed at the same pace. Every year, thousands of cats are put to death needlessly because of animal overpopulation. Such overpopulation is caused by people neglecting to have their pets sterilized. If you are not planning to use your cat for breeding purposes, its recommended that you sterilize him/her, since this will avoid you and your pet undesired problems. Sterilization of cats and dogs is presently the most effective method of preventing unwanted or unintentional pregnancies.

Your pet may be spayed/neuter at six months of age or earlier with no mayor difficulties. Sterilization implies in most cases only a small surgery always using anaesthesia, and most of the time your pet will be back to normal activity within a couple of days.


Benefits of sterilization

In females, sterilization helps prevent:

• mammary tumours and cancer;

• infection of the uterus;

• eliminates the symptoms of heat, specially vocalization.

In males, sterilization helps prevent:

• territorial marking;

• becoming a stray cat.



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