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Is it true sterilized cats gain weight?

Is it true sterilized cats gain weight?

According to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies' (CFHS) latest statistics, the number of owners claiming that their cat is neutered is rising. This number would have increased from 80% in 2012 to 94% in 2017.

Since it is difficult to know if people are honest when answering this type of survey, estimating neutered cats' actual numbers becomes an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, we can safely say that we observe an increase in the number of sterilizations in veterinary clinics, revealing the population's greater awareness about feline overpopulation problems.

Why do we sterilize cats?

To control reproduction

Did you know that one outdoor unneutered female cat could have up to 20,000 descendants in 5 years? No need to say more. It is easy to understand the importance of taking action, as early as six months old, before the cat reaches sexual maturity.

To avoid unpleasant sexual behavior related to territorial defense

Urine marking, vocalizations, aggressiveness, and fights, are some of the unwanted behaviors often displayed by non-sterilized cats.

To obtain some positive effects

It is a fact: sterilized cats can become calmer, more affectionate, have less of a tendency to run away or fight, and their urine smells less.

After sterilization, the cat usually tends to gain weight because of metabolic changes. Its overall energy needs undergo a 20 to 30% decrease. If the diet is not adjusted correctly, and the activity level is not maintained, weight gain is almost inevitable. Moreover, health problems gradually increase, and kidney stones incidence rises.

To avoid overweight, reducing daily food intake is not enough! This strategy only starves the poor animal and may cause nutritional deficiencies. The key to success lies in a balanced diet tailored to fit sterilized cats' special needs!

Trust our 1st Choice - Sterilized Cat formula

This formula has been created to meet the nutritional needs of spayed or neutered cats. Complete and perfectly balanced, it contains high-quality ingredients:

  • Fewer calories - perfectly balanced to ensure cats get all the nutrients it needs without creating deficiencies;
  • High protein content - to help create a feeling of fullness while maintaining strong muscle mass;
  • Presence of two fat metabolizers (C.L.A. and L-carnitine) and a lower fat content - to help cats maintain a healthy weight;
  • High fiber content - to stimulate intestinal transit and help control hairballs;
  • Optimal blend of essential vitamins and minerals – to avoid kidney or urinary system overload;
  • Grain-free to ease digestion.

Try our 1st Choice - Sterilized Cat formula and see the difference! It will help your cat stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Complete, nutritious, and balanced; you can offer this formula with confidence permanently.


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