Denta+: for good oral hygiene

Your dog's oral health is just as important as yours! Good dental hygiene helps limit bacteria's presence in the animal's mouth, thus preventing plaque (sticky colorless biofilm that is constantly forming on teeth) from accumulating. If plaque is not removed regularly, it eventually hardens into yellow or brownish tartar. Once it has settled along the gums, it becomes challenging to remove. Only a veterinarian can perform scaling. Tartar is not only unattractive, but it can also, unfortunately, lead to many health problems.

Dental Health

Dental plaque may cause:

Bad breath


Excessive salivation

Gum infections:

  • Pain
  • Gingivitis (redness, swelling, bleeding)
  • Periodontitis (severe gum disease, damages the soft tissue and bone that supports the tooth). May cause tooth mobility and, eventually, tooth loss.

Various diseases:

  • Gum lesions allow bacteria to enter the body through the bloodstream and affect animal's overall health. Usually, the immune system takes care of it. Still, in some cases, bacteria can spread in highly vascularized organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, or lungs, causing lesions and malfunctions.  

Difficult feeding:

  • Pain and missing teeth make chewing difficult and may cause the animal to swallow its food whole.
  • Pain leads to loss of appetite, and some animals stop eating.
  • Poor chewing compromises digestion and nutrient absorption.

How to take care of your dog's dental hygiene?

How to take care of your dog's dental hygiene?

Regular visits to the veterinarian are the best way to make sure your dog's teeth and gums are healthy. Only a vet can properly diagnose oral diseases. If he finds excessive tartar buildup, he may suggest scaling. While scaling is an effective procedure, it requires general anesthesia, which can be risky for older dogs, not to mention pricy. Prevention is most certainly the best investment!  

Daily brushing remains an effective preventive measure in the fight against tartar buildup. However, we sometimes lack the time or the willpower to devote ourselves to this task, which can be difficult when the animal does not cooperate well. With a little practice and perseverance, brushing becomes easier and well-tolerated by most dogs!

What is the best prevention strategy? HIGH-QUALITY FOOD! Feeding your dog with our 1st Choice healthy food specially formulated to support dental health is essential!

DENTA+: Helps maintain fresh breath and good oral hygiene

DENTA+: Helps maintain fresh breath and good oral hygiene

All 1st Choice dog formulas contain our DENTA+ balance. Our animal nutrition experts made sure that all formulas contain a set of key-ingredients known for their positive effects on dental hygiene:

  • Mint and parsley: In addition to being rich in antioxidants, these two herbs promote fresh breath;
  • Vitamin C: helps reduce the inflammatory process and supports gum health;
  • Green tea: helps control and eliminate "bad" bacteria in the oral cavity. Its anti-inflammatory properties also contribute to the maintenance of gum health.

Optimal kibble texture

Kibbles are designed to produce a brushing effect during chewing, reducing plaque buildup BEFORE it hardens and turns into tartar. The texture of each 1st Choice formula is specifically adapted to the animal's life stage


PUPPY Formulas

Soft and tasty kibbles are easy to chew, even for the smallest puppies. See our puppy formulas here.

ADULT formulas

Adult kibbles are crunchy on the outside but never dry. They are designed to optimize the brushing effect by creating a mild abrasion that gently cleans the tooth surface.See our adult formulas here.

SENIOR Formulas

Tailored to ease feeding of older dogs with reduced chewing ability. Kibbles are designed to maintain their interest by being softer and very tasty while creating a mechanical brushing effect. See our senior formulas here.

Adapted kibble size

The size of our kibble varies according to the type of dog for which it is intended. That's how we can meet the particular needs of the smallest to the tallest furry companion!

The kibble size of each 1st Choice formula is ADAPTED TO DOG'S SIZE:

  • PUPPY formulas

We created a tiny kibble, perfect for puppies' small oral cavity.

  • ADULT and SENIOR formulas

Miniatures and small breeds: Our "mini" kibbles are perfectly adapted to adult and senior dogs of small breeds. 

Medium and large breeds: We have developed larger kibbles for larger dogs, better suited to their size, optimizing the teeth-brushing effect. 


New DENTAL HEALTH formula with brushing effect!

New DENTAL HEALTH formula with brushing effect!

Are you looking for a specifically designed formula that would provide increased oral care for your dog? 

1st Choice has the solution: the DENTAL HEALTH dog formula:

  • Complete and balanced to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs.
  • Specially formulated for teeth and gum health care.
  • It can be offered regularly or combined with the usual recipe as needed.
  • A simple, all-inclusive option: complete nutrition and dental care!

How can DENTAL HEALTH formula reduce plaque and tartar buildup while improving oral hygiene?

  • Big, cubic-shaped kibble: rubs and brushes teeth while chewing! The kibble size has been precisely controlled to allow the tooth to penetrate deeper before it breaks or crumbles;
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate: frequently used in toothpaste, it helps slow down the demineralization of tooth enamel and reduces the presence of oral bacteria;
  • Vitamin C: helps reduce tartar and decrease the inflammatory process.
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant properties can help control gum infections.
  • Mint, parsley, green tea: promote fresh breath. Green tea helps control and eliminate "bad" bacteria in the mouth and is anti-inflammatory.

Choosing a specialized formula for your dog's dental health is a simple and effective preventive measure!


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