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Your puppy’s medical exam

You must book an appointment at your local vet as soon as you bring your newly adopted puppy. This is what will probably happen during the first visit:


  • Meticulous physical exam to determine the health status of your puppy;
  • Search for external parasites fleas, ticks, lice, mites;
  • Search for internal parasites tapeworms, roundworm if you bring a feces sample;
  • First vaccines will be administered or discussion on the types of vaccines your puppy will need to receive. Your vet will indicate when they should be administered to your puppy;
  • Discussion of an eventual sterilization of your puppy, and if so, the age at which the operation should be done.
Medical exam

The first medical exam will provide your vet all the information he needs to recommend a healthy nutrition and the immediate care you should provide your puppy. It will also serve as a «reference» to evaluate and compare the health of your companion during future exams.


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