Creating future generations of healthy animals!


Providing the best nutrition

Our 1st Choice products represent the best choice for breeders. We strive in making the best nutrition possible in order to create future generations of healthy animals. Here are a few of the product benefits:

  • Foods adapted to the specific needs of breeding dogs at every stage of reproduction
  • Superior quality ingredients that contain no animal by-products
  • Highly digestible products containing quality proteins
  • All natural preservatives
  • HACCP-governed and certified manufacturing processes

At our facilities, a dedicated team of veterinarians, agronomists, behaviourists and biologists are working tirelessly to combine nutrition for optimal performance towards your breeding success.

With the proactive support of our staff and our knowledge of the distinct nutritional needs inherent to each stage of reproduction, we succeeded in developing this exclusive made-to-measure product line for professional breeders. As part of our commitment to the well-being of your dogs, our main objective was to develop products that would deliver improved performance while promoting a long and healthy life.

1st Choice - Breeders

Tailored for professional breeders

Tailored for professional breeders

Our 1st Choice Breeder products contain a variety of beneficial functional ingredients which strengthen the immune system. Our formulas contain several immune system-boosting vitamins, including vitamins C & E as well as prebiotics which increase beneficial bacteria and promote intestinal health.

Our formulas promote better ovulation and fertilization, ensuring foetal growth and viability.They also promote healthy milk production for stronger litters and enables a better recovery after delivery.

In formulating our new 1st Choice product line for professional breeders, our Research & Development team aimed high to provide professional breeders with the most nutritious dog food on the market. Our dedicated team of pet nutrition experts pooled their knowledge to create the healthiest formulas in order to promote the success of your breeding facility. 


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Fill out the form below to get more information about our breeders products. A member of our team will be in touch with you to get a better understanding of your profile and needs in order to determine the most suitable program for you and your animals. Choosing 1st Choice means choosing a trustworthy brand that has been at the heart of nutrition for over 50 years. We thank you for your interest in our products and our company. We look forward to speaking with you!

** Currently, our program is not available outside Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic Canada.

Due to unprecedented demand for our products and increased number of breeders, the analysis of your request might take between 3 to 5 weeks. Thank you for your patience!